Yay for free stuff

November 29, 2004

Have been trying to get my head around style sheets for the majority of the afternoon. Finally I found a great free online tutorial at http://www.westciv.com/style_master/house/tutorials/index.html

It’s very comprehensive and organised.



November 28, 2004

What a nutty day yesterday turned out to be. Started off fine, all relaxed and cruisy, got up late, took about 3 hours to get ready, then went down the road to the gardens where the wedding was. The ceremony was lovely. After the vows Justin made more vows to the 2 boys, telling him he would be a top stepdad, help them grow up, respect their dad and love them unconditionally. Afterwards, following a bit of car juggling we went to the Pagoda for the reception.

Valdi was the videographer for the day, which meant he got to battle the photographer for shots. At the last minute Belinda asked him to record the reception as well. Lucky he had that to do or he probably would have drunk even more copious amounts. We all drank lots, and danced like idiots. Finally after the bride and groom left, we all went outside to begin the wait for taxis/lifts.

Then Valdi grabbed me a fell on the ground. I was fine, but his head went smack on the concrete. As soon as he got vertical again he was suddenly a good bit less coherent than previously. We decided a trip to emergency probably wouldn’t be overkill, so I went inside and dialled 000. The ambulance didn’t take long. I got to ride in the front, and blather on to the poor driver, while Valdi sat in the back and blathered on to the other guy.

Met Brad and Chris at RPH, where we sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. I decided to ring Alisha, since if I was her, I’d want to know he had just gone to hospital. I told her not to worry and that he would fine but she came over anyway. He turned out to be fine – responding appropriately, just really trashed, so they sent him home to sleep it off and gave us some info sheets on head injuries and the tetanus shot they’d given him.

Had a few texts from Leish over the next few hours. She was a bit frightened what his random ramblings in the car, and then in the morning had to fill in his parents, which was also freaky since she hadn’t seen them since she and V broke up 4 months ago. But apparently it’s all ok now, he probably didn’t lose many more neurons than he normally would on a weekend. He also has a nice graze on his face to remind him of his dickheadedness for the next few days.

I have felt fairly crap all day – slept a lot and watched a few Lethal Weapon movies with Brad. My body feels choked with toxins from the red wine. I’ll have to have an extra healthy week to recover.


November 26, 2004

Today I fiddled with the lab websites a bit more, I still haven’t got the whole style sheet thing sorted yet though. Need to read that bit of the book. Did some more Discussion, which is progressing painfully slowly. Mum rang and was sounding better than the other day, with her class’s assembly over.

Came to uni this afternoon to photocopy a few chapters from Rachel’s book. If only the cheapo department would hurry up and get a photocopier that scans to pdf, my life would be that little bit easier. Will have to go into Brad’s work and do them all. Also videoed another lot of Marc and Jo’s rats this afternoon. They were wild but not as fat as the last lot, and they had less attitude which was nice.

Valdi might come over tonight, to celebrate the fact that his degree is (hopefully) finally finished. Then Belinda and Justin’s wedding is tomorrow. I can’t be stuffed going shopping, so it’s lucky I found something acceptable to wear, in my wardrobe. Washed one of the dodgy Hong Kong pashminas (smelt very strongly of dye combined with “Asian market smell”) to go over the top.

Here is a picture of a chinchilla that I saw in Hong Kong last month – I had never seen one before, since I don’t think you can import them to Australia.

How cute is it?! I want one, when I move to the UK. Here it is having some malt from a tube:

HTML day

November 25, 2004

Well today has been fairly productive. I did a bit of my paper this morning, then while I was waiting for things to finish downloading I got out my html book and had a bit of a memory-refresh. Since I needed to practise on something I finished constructing a site for the lab. Some guy is supposed to be doing one for us, for free, and what he’s done is very pretty but since he has nothing to work from and no knowledge of who we are, content is zero. So I’ve done the content and sorted out all the links and so on, now he can make it pretty.

Came to uni this afternoon to get all my paper articles (how I wish I had it all on pdf, but who can be stuffed scanning them all on the flatbed? not me, and there’s no way I’m paying the people at the copy shop to do such a nothing job) and I showed everyone the site. They were all suitably impressed with my html’ing. Now I’m just waiting for them all to send me their project info, CV’s etc. Made a site for the other lab too just now (used the same pages and changed key words) but I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see how that goes down, since bosses seem to leave pre-5pm these days…

Yay it’s payday and my ad hoc scholarship has kicked in so I’ve got backpay too! I need to go late-night shopping. I need a)food and b) something I can wear to the wedding on Saturday and the Xmas party in a few weeks. I wonder if everyone at the wedding will recognise it if I wear what I wore to the last one, since they are all the same people? Oh well wearing the same one can be Plan B for if I am unlucky in shopping tonight. Time to go. It just started raining! Fabulous timing. Pity my umbrella’s on the table at home… At least it’s student break now so I got to park close. I’m still going to get soaked though.

Inaugural Post

November 22, 2004

Thesis completion is an achievement which is not being progressed by this current activity of diary writing. However, I thought I’d start a diary to record the impending randomness of the next few months: I’ve been lucky enough to get a job already, as a postdoc in the UK, even though my PhD’s not over yet. I’ve booked my temporary accommodation over there starting February 11th, so I guess I’m leaving here on Feb 10th… Happily, my partner is coming with me, but first he needs to get a UK passport and a job, and I need to write my thesis, write 2 to 4 papers, get a work permit, do Christmas and New Year, get a visa, sell the car, sell all my other crap that I don’t want to freight, freight everything else, refinance the house, find some not-too-random to rent the house and yeah probably a few hundred other things yet to be thought of. I’m studying biological science, neuroscience specifically, and my project consisted of a nicely-designed in vivo project that yielded largely negative results, as well as numerous in vitro bits and pieces that were badly designed but yielded interesting results. I have nearly done my in vivo paper (if my primary supervisor ever gets around to reading it) but I’m up to the discussion of the in vitro one, which is the “officially hard” bit. Now I just need some impetus and I’ll be set.