Inaugural Post

November 22, 2004

Thesis completion is an achievement which is not being progressed by this current activity of diary writing. However, I thought I’d start a diary to record the impending randomness of the next few months: I’ve been lucky enough to get a job already, as a postdoc in the UK, even though my PhD’s not over yet. I’ve booked my temporary accommodation over there starting February 11th, so I guess I’m leaving here on Feb 10th… Happily, my partner is coming with me, but first he needs to get a UK passport and a job, and I need to write my thesis, write 2 to 4 papers, get a work permit, do Christmas and New Year, get a visa, sell the car, sell all my other crap that I don’t want to freight, freight everything else, refinance the house, find some not-too-random to rent the house and yeah probably a few hundred other things yet to be thought of. I’m studying biological science, neuroscience specifically, and my project consisted of a nicely-designed in vivo project that yielded largely negative results, as well as numerous in vitro bits and pieces that were badly designed but yielded interesting results. I have nearly done my in vivo paper (if my primary supervisor ever gets around to reading it) but I’m up to the discussion of the in vitro one, which is the “officially hard” bit. Now I just need some impetus and I’ll be set.


2 Responses to “Inaugural Post”

  1. Jay-Me-Dee Says:


    I got your comment on my blog. so…you prefer number 10? That was a good one! Your blog is very interesting

  2. Helen Says:

    Yeah number 10 is just so ridiculous it has to be the winner. Thanks for posting.–>

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