HTML day

November 25, 2004

Well today has been fairly productive. I did a bit of my paper this morning, then while I was waiting for things to finish downloading I got out my html book and had a bit of a memory-refresh. Since I needed to practise on something I finished constructing a site for the lab. Some guy is supposed to be doing one for us, for free, and what he’s done is very pretty but since he has nothing to work from and no knowledge of who we are, content is zero. So I’ve done the content and sorted out all the links and so on, now he can make it pretty.

Came to uni this afternoon to get all my paper articles (how I wish I had it all on pdf, but who can be stuffed scanning them all on the flatbed? not me, and there’s no way I’m paying the people at the copy shop to do such a nothing job) and I showed everyone the site. They were all suitably impressed with my html’ing. Now I’m just waiting for them all to send me their project info, CV’s etc. Made a site for the other lab too just now (used the same pages and changed key words) but I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see how that goes down, since bosses seem to leave pre-5pm these days…

Yay it’s payday and my ad hoc scholarship has kicked in so I’ve got backpay too! I need to go late-night shopping. I need a)food and b) something I can wear to the wedding on Saturday and the Xmas party in a few weeks. I wonder if everyone at the wedding will recognise it if I wear what I wore to the last one, since they are all the same people? Oh well wearing the same one can be Plan B for if I am unlucky in shopping tonight. Time to go. It just started raining! Fabulous timing. Pity my umbrella’s on the table at home… At least it’s student break now so I got to park close. I’m still going to get soaked though.


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