November 26, 2004

Today I fiddled with the lab websites a bit more, I still haven’t got the whole style sheet thing sorted yet though. Need to read that bit of the book. Did some more Discussion, which is progressing painfully slowly. Mum rang and was sounding better than the other day, with her class’s assembly over.

Came to uni this afternoon to photocopy a few chapters from Rachel’s book. If only the cheapo department would hurry up and get a photocopier that scans to pdf, my life would be that little bit easier. Will have to go into Brad’s work and do them all. Also videoed another lot of Marc and Jo’s rats this afternoon. They were wild but not as fat as the last lot, and they had less attitude which was nice.

Valdi might come over tonight, to celebrate the fact that his degree is (hopefully) finally finished. Then Belinda and Justin’s wedding is tomorrow. I can’t be stuffed going shopping, so it’s lucky I found something acceptable to wear, in my wardrobe. Washed one of the dodgy Hong Kong pashminas (smelt very strongly of dye combined with “Asian market smell”) to go over the top.

Here is a picture of a chinchilla that I saw in Hong Kong last month – I had never seen one before, since I don’t think you can import them to Australia.

How cute is it?! I want one, when I move to the UK. Here it is having some malt from a tube:


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