November 28, 2004

What a nutty day yesterday turned out to be. Started off fine, all relaxed and cruisy, got up late, took about 3 hours to get ready, then went down the road to the gardens where the wedding was. The ceremony was lovely. After the vows Justin made more vows to the 2 boys, telling him he would be a top stepdad, help them grow up, respect their dad and love them unconditionally. Afterwards, following a bit of car juggling we went to the Pagoda for the reception.

Valdi was the videographer for the day, which meant he got to battle the photographer for shots. At the last minute Belinda asked him to record the reception as well. Lucky he had that to do or he probably would have drunk even more copious amounts. We all drank lots, and danced like idiots. Finally after the bride and groom left, we all went outside to begin the wait for taxis/lifts.

Then Valdi grabbed me a fell on the ground. I was fine, but his head went smack on the concrete. As soon as he got vertical again he was suddenly a good bit less coherent than previously. We decided a trip to emergency probably wouldn’t be overkill, so I went inside and dialled 000. The ambulance didn’t take long. I got to ride in the front, and blather on to the poor driver, while Valdi sat in the back and blathered on to the other guy.

Met Brad and Chris at RPH, where we sat in the waiting room for 2 hours. I decided to ring Alisha, since if I was her, I’d want to know he had just gone to hospital. I told her not to worry and that he would fine but she came over anyway. He turned out to be fine – responding appropriately, just really trashed, so they sent him home to sleep it off and gave us some info sheets on head injuries and the tetanus shot they’d given him.

Had a few texts from Leish over the next few hours. She was a bit frightened what his random ramblings in the car, and then in the morning had to fill in his parents, which was also freaky since she hadn’t seen them since she and V broke up 4 months ago. But apparently it’s all ok now, he probably didn’t lose many more neurons than he normally would on a weekend. He also has a nice graze on his face to remind him of his dickheadedness for the next few days.

I have felt fairly crap all day – slept a lot and watched a few Lethal Weapon movies with Brad. My body feels choked with toxins from the red wine. I’ll have to have an extra healthy week to recover.


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