Things I like and dislike.

December 6, 2004

In no particular order.

1. My pretty french manicured nails
2. Chai
3. My tea mug, with built in ceramic tea-leaf receptacle
4. Kowloon
5. Baby animals
6. Caffeine
7. Finding a great blog just by clicking “Next Blog”
8. New clothes
9. Blowdried hair
10. Learning new things
11. Cocktails
12. Trashy pop music
13. Trashy 80s pop music
14. Citrus-scented shower gels
15. My iPod
16. Weekends
17. Fashion magazines

1. Bad manicurists
2. Deadlines
3. Family gatherings
4. Hong Kong Island
5. Getting chucked off a dialup connection
6. Caffeine withdrawal
7. Christian/Dubya fan blogs
8. Microsoft (insert application here) encountering a problem and having to close
9. Forgetting to save my work before disaster strikes
10. Getting up in the morning
11. Being cold
12. Meetings
13. Work
14. Exhaust fumes
15. Running out of iPod battery
16. Neighbours with loud shoes
17. Neighbours who clog up the carpark with excessive numbers of work cars


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