December 6, 2004

You can tell Christmas is on the way – social engagements are filling up the calendar.

Friday night Henry and Dave came over for a few drinks after work. Well, I had to go and get Dave since his little legs couldn’t carry up the hill to our place after a few too many free champagnes at a work do. After analysing his career for a while (verdict: get a new job before some management consultant comes through and realises he’s doing less than 10 hours of work a week and fires him) we dragged ourselves out of the house and down to Subi for some dinner. Had some average wood-fired pizza then a drink at the Vic, then back up the hill to put Dave in a taxi to the busport.

I wasn’t keen on getting out of bed on Saturday morning, Brad got up at about 7 and later went up to JB’s to get the Knight Rider box set. When he came back we went over to pick up Valdi and go see Team America at Carousel, but we were completely thwarted in our attempts to park the car. Forgot it was Saturday in December at Carousel. Slight oversight. Really, getting a park would have meant stalking, negotiating, fighting, possible car damage…couldn’t be bothered. Went back to Valdi’s and watched some Knight Rider instead. What a ridiculous show. Hasselhoff’s reason for signing up back in ’81? “This script is the bomb! It’s gold!” Not his bit of the script – the car got all the good lines. And is it just me, or was that car kind of snide and bitchy? Anyway.

Next we had to go home and dress up for Nigel and Gail’s wedding reception – they married in Thailand a few months ago. Having never received my invitation, I only knew the address Mum had given me. Which she had apparently made up. Eventually, after our own improvised Swan Valley sightseeing tour, I thought to ring the restaurant via directory assistance, and get the real address. Only half an hour late. Dinner, setting and company were lovely, although the service was a bit random. I have been spoiled by working for the best caterers in the city – now I’ll accept nothing less than great service. I mean, it’s not that hard to give. You just need to think, about the customer rather than yourself, and don’t be lazy.

On Sunday we had to get up early and go to church. How crap. It was for the Christening of Emily Jane, Kristi and Jason’s daughter. It was all very awkward and uncomfortable, despite the fact that I used to go with Mum and Dad when I was little. Brad, on the contrary, has rarely in his life set foot upon consecrated ground, so as Sanday remarked, they were doing well to get him out of bed so early. Luckily no-one glared at us for anything though (not that we noticed anyway) despite our “no singing, no kneeling, no donations” plan. We smiled and were appropriately gracious, we just didn’t pretend to participate.

Afterwards we went to visit Wally in hospital. He was doing better than he had all week, and is probably goiing home tomorrow. He told us all about his internal plumbing issues, and we chatted about going away next year. I wish all people his age could be that positive. All my grandma does is complain, and disagree with any positive spin you try to present. She is oblivious to the real fact that she could have it a lot, lot worse.

Went back to Sandy and Dave for the Christening after-party. Most people had been and gone, but it meant we could have some quality time with everyone. Emily is a gorgeous child, so calm and secure, never freaks out or cries (unless some man pours water on her head) and is happy to play with anyone, a feature I admore in a baby. Her current thing is the point. She points at things to say “I can see that, and it’s worth remarking upon!”. And she can point out her mummy, daddy, grandma, granddad. She’s about 15 months old and I think she’s going to be a smart one.

Later, Brad and I walked down to Harvey Norman and he bought a 40Gb iPod. I like my 3rd gen one better than his 4th gen, although his does have 4 times the capacity of mine. I can’t back up all of My Documents anymore. Bummer.

Finally, Alisha and Valdi came over for dinner, after having been to Supa Golf. The saga there continues. Apparently he wants to get back together, but she today realised he is still as annoying (in public anyway) and selfish as ever. We’re all selfish (me, Brad, Valdi) which I have pointed out before. She’s not selfish enough to survive around us. It will take years for him to learn to recognise it and curb it sometimes. We’ll see.

So anyway I got no work done all weekend, and I’m going to lawn bowls with uni people tomorrow afternoon, so I’d better get my paper sorted today. Figures are done though, which will help get the results in some sensible order.


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