Lawn bowls

December 7, 2004

I just went to play lawn bowls with some people from uni and now I want to go again! It is just my kind of game. Lawn, sun, shade, sitting, very cheap beer, a gentle pace, a stroll up and down the lawn now and again. Oh and I’m not bad at it, although my form is highly erratic. I think I am a bit sunburnt now, since we played from 3 til 5 and it was quite hot today and I didn’t wear sunscreen, except what is in my foundation. But all round, it was great! And much better than sitting at my desk fiddling with Photoshop.

In other news, my laptop was overrun with spyware. Our network guy has fixed it, since it was going to require registry hacking, and I had a date with a bowling green… IE is still dropping its bundle all the time though. I could try and sort it out, or I could ignore it in favour of this lovely tabbed browser. I don’t know, we’ll see.


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