December 10, 2004

I actually finished the first draft of my in vitro paper on Monday night! And by that I mean “finished” as opposed to “stopped writing because I was sick of it”. A truly great achievement. So the next day I went to uni and printed the figures and gave the whole lot to my dear primary supervisor with a “Sorry…” and…he actually gave me back my in vivo paper replete with corrections to make. Amazing, only took him about 3 weeks, where Sarah takes 3 days. Anyway. The major change has been to remove my redundant control group, so I have been Photoshopping madly. And now it’s all done. The figures are anyway. I now just have to go through the paper and make sure that everything makes sense. Then I’ll dump it in my thesis and hand it over to the chain of randoms that are also authors on it, so they can have their way with it, without polluting my thesis with their idiosyncratic manners of speech. Then there’s just the lit review and redrafting of the in vitro, and it’s thesis time!

I have so much other crap to do, which I don’t want to do, because it feels like a waste of time, even though it’s necessary, like my travel report and getting thesis examiners organised, and fact-finding for the UK move. Reading blogs is a much bigger waste of tine.

V came over last night. He is looking forward to quitting his present job and starting his new one. He is very excited about his new one, I hope it pans out as well as he is anticipating. He is very keen to live here when we move. One of the things on my list of things to do is to get some real estate dude (or chick) to come and tell us how much we can rent the place for, so we’ll know if V can afford it or if we can squeeze more $$ out of someone else. The benefit of him though is that he sounds keen to stay for at least the 3 years we’ll be away, maybe more if we end up in Germany or Singapore or the US or somewhere, prior to returning home to hopefully procreate.

Anyway he was very hyperactive and noisy last night. Perhaps it was a hangover of the egotistical thrill he got from spending money on clothes-shopping with 2 chicks from his work. All that attention, girls telling him he looked great, no wonder he was amped.

Yesterday I went to uni for Not Very Long. Just long enough to see and be seen, and to video Jo’s rats. Then I went to Karrinyup and shopped for black glittery brooches with which to accessorise my all-black outfits I wear when we go out. Everyone had earrings and bracelets but no brooches. Useless. You see, the Worley Xmas party is on tonight, at the Burswood. Dress code is “Smart (No denim)” which is pretty easy. It doesn’t start till 7 and we are cabbing it, and there is dinner and then we’ll probably stumble into the casino when they chuck us out. It’ll be great. If there’s talky bits, hopefully they’ll speak into the microphone and refrain from in-jokes (unlike last time) since half the audience doesn’t get them. Also, hopefully the service will be better than it was at the ball at the Sheraton, which could have been mistaken for some crazy religion-inspired alcohol-free event, and the service staff had not been introduced to the concept of eye-contact meaning “get over here”. No dude, I’m not looking at you because I think you’re hot (you’re not) it’s because my glass has been empty for 20 minutes! So hopefully we will have a fun time.

I have lots of things to do on my “things I want to do some weekend before Feb 1oth” list. I want to play Supa Golf, go lawn bowling and sell some crap at some markets in preparation for leaving. Mainly clothes and books. However, these things require a certain amount of pre-organization, of which I currently seem to be incapable. Oh well, it’ll all work out, always does.

Now it’s back to the paper…bye.


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