Flight 69

December 12, 2004

Last night was the long-awaited Worley Xmas party. It was really good. The airline theme was a bit dodgy, with all the “Flight 69 is now boarding” “Flight time wil be five hours” and the smoke machines and blue lights and disco balls (well, they were cool). The food and service were great and the wine and beer were plentiful. I saw Carole from Zoology and went over to chat, but I don’t think she remembered my name.

Brad works with so many great people, I think he will miss them when we move. I had a chat with Barry and his girlfriend Tiet, also met Simon and Renee who were great. They have 2 girls, 10 and 6. Renee is a “horse chick” as Brad says, and their girls have ponies too. She’s the one who had the CSF leak, so we talked about that too. She also lectures in beauty therapy so we talked about acrylic nails. Terry, Brad’s boss from Worsley, talked up Brad a lot and told me he’d write him a reference. I also met Annalise who was at UWA with Brad, and also Sean, another oil & gas person.

After we got kicked out of the ballroom at midnight, we went to the casino for a little while and got rid of our free gambling vouchers. Then we went to the Ruby Room, where Mr Lawless turned out to be nothing but talk (he got me to go and ask a hot blonde if she would dance with him, and got shot down – she’s “kinda seeing someone” which means “as if”). Other sensible people went home, but we went to Northbridge with Annalise and Sean. It was about 4am and nothing on James St was open, except the Paramount, which was fairly empty. We had one drink then all caught a taxi back here, and sat chatting on the balcony while the sun rudely came up. Brad and Annalise watched a bit of Knight Rider, then we all decided enough was enough and they left. We went to bed at about 5am and got up around lunchtime.

Yesterday evening we went to Valdi’s. His mum showed us a painting they had won in a raffle. We went to Carousel, where parking was significantly more possible than last time, and had dinner at the Foundry. Alisha met us after dinner and we all went to finally achieve success in our aim to see Team America (fuck yeah!). Trey Parker and Matt Stone for President!

After the movie Leish went home, and Brad and I went back to Valdi’s to put music on Brad’s iPod from Valdi’s hard drive. Then it was my turn, and Helen iPod drama began. Brad had just updated his firmware but hadn’t restarted the computer yet. So it wouldn’t recognise mine. So we restarted, and iTunes overwrote my database with Brad’s. Panic! My songs were still in there, but iTunes was refusing to re-read them and generate a menu because that’s not how it works. Finally we backed up my songs and data onto Valdi’s RADE drive, formatted my iPod, and put all the songs back on. It was scary but now it’s all ok and I have nice new firmware. Very scary. I thought all my songs had been lost. Due to that little drama we got home a bit late – got to sleep at about 3.30, got up around 12.

This afternoon Brad went back to Valdi’s and I went shopping. I was intending to go to Perth and do some Christmas shopping, but I only got as far as Harbour Town and bought some tops instead since there were massive sales on. Anyway, you need lists before attempting Christmas shopping and I don’t have any ideas let alone lists. I bought some yummy takeaway Oyakodon (chicken and veges in egg with rice and msg-filled sauce – yum) and had that as a lunch/dinner when I got home. Now I’m going to think about Christmas presents, my summer wardrobe, Christmas food and finally my icky thesis. After all, I am the Procrastinator!


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