December 17, 2004

Well it’s been days! since I last posted. I can hardly remember everything.

On Monday we had lab lunch #1 at the Blue Duck, which was overpriced as usual. I had a yummy bright red strawberry “duckari”. Everyone was fairly subdued and I was feeling super stressed about my lack of progress thesis-wise. Giles asked me how I was going and I complained that it was hard and difficult and horrible, and he reminded me about the ~10 page final discussion I also have to do. That night I had a meltdown when Brad asked me how it was going. I realised that I was in denial about having no plan and having made no progress. He was understandably frustratedly mad at me, and got me to write a proper thesis outline (I did one for honours, but didn’t realise this time around just how important it is) and also showed me how to use Outlook to book meetings.

Tuesday was packed. Psych first thing (by which stage Brad had already sorted me out, for free), haircut at lunch time, Dr after that for referral letter, then Giles after that, then finally lunch around afternoon tea time. Since then I’ve pretty much been writing, as solidly as possible. I have ticked off lots of the sections on my thesis outline, but it’s still really short (15,606 words and counting) and I haven’t done much of the hard bits (lit review, final discussion) yet. However, there should be a completed framework by Christmas. Then I can just tart up the language, add references and pad it out until I approach 50k.

We had our departmental Xmas lunch-thing on Wednesday, at which food was not plentiful. There was champagne though. It was catered by ref ladies and the standard was remarkably good, even if the overwhelming majority of options were carb-loaded and deep fried.

Yesterday afternoon we took the car to Brad’s parents’ house and washed it and dried it and vacuumed it out – it looked beautiful. Then this morning some lady went and bought it, yay I suppose. It’s good that we sold it, but crap that we now have to endure a Perth summer without air-conditioning – I will borrow the Lancer from Dad. In summer that car is like an oven, with hairdryers instead of airvents. What fun is ahead.

Tonight I am going to do no work. Valdi gave me a lift to uni this morning and is picking me up soon. We might do a bit of Xmas shopping before we go and have a drink with Brad and Henry. Tomorrow we are going to Sandy’s bday even though we are young people and she is not. Then we might go to Kirsty’s if we can get a lift or a taxi or something.


One Response to “Days”

  1. Chromatin Says:

    Hullo there. Was nosing around, having noticed you’ve linked me. Nice blog. Champagne at a Xmas lab-do, wow! Don’t think you’ll be getting that in the UK, I’m sorry to say.

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