December 22, 2004

Had a lovely breakfast with Dana on Monday. I rarely get up early enough to face the world before 7am, but when I do, it’s always worth it. The air is beautiful that early, especially when it’s going to be a hot day. We had coconut toast and coffee at Cino to go, and glasses of water with floating strawberries, and talked about theses. Dana has an extra year on me, but my thesis is close to finished and hers sounds like it’s really not, so that makes me feel better. She needs a project manager for a boyfriend too. I feel a bit guilty for feeling smug in comparison to her, but on the other hand, it’s a valid life strategy. Rather than wishing you were like others who appear more successful, just be glad you’ve got it sorted out better than those less fortunate…

Had my nails done yesterday, it was very busy at Mandee’s. I only have 2 more appointments. Don’t know if I’m going to be able to afford to keep doing it when I get to Leicester.

Today started with postgrad breakfast across the road at Matilda Bay. It was possibly the worst-attended in years. I got there at 8.15 and Emma was the only one there. Later Katy, Melissa and Kristyn turned up. We had massive bowls of muesli served by the clone of Tracey’s husband.

After breakfast, did a bit of work for a while, then chucked it in to go and have Neuro Group Xmas Lunch at Steve’s. It was a beautiful setting, long table outside in filtered sunlight. Had a massive (although entree-sized) seafood risotto. Afterwards we ordered a serve of sticky date pudding and stuck a candle in it, since it’s Ajanthy’s birthday tomorrow.

Turns out it was the last meal I would ever have there, since the whole building’s being demolished for apartments in the New Year. It used to be huge, a happening place every day of the week, but I think complaining neighbours and restrictions on noise and opening ho0urs have resulted in a loss of business, making it viable no longer. The fact that it’s prime real estate doesn’t help the pub’s cause.

I am hoping to have all sections of my thesis completed by Friday afternoon. It’s do-able but I’m not sure if it will actually get done, because my writing timetable doesn’t allow for circumstances to conspire against me, as they tend to do. However, I have done the bulk of it, so that’s good in itself.


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