American Idiot

December 26, 2004

Had a lovely evening at Wally and Mia’s on Friday night. Nothing exciting to report, was all very quiet. Wally and Jackie gave us about a kilo of yummy chocolates with which to create an insulating layer around ourselves, to put off hypothermia in a few weeks when we get to the UK.

Yesterday was long and alcohol-soaked. I had bought 2 magnums of champagne and Brad reckons I drank the lot. I don’t think so, maybe a good bit of one of them though. We arrived at Helen and Sean’s at about 10.30 and mucked around for a while before beginning the present opening extravaganza. Everyone had bought each other great stuff, and lots of it, judging by the rising level of wrapping paper across the carpet. Had a temporary guilty twinge thinking about the alarming increase in rubbish output that Christmas is responsible for, but quashed it with some champers. Barry and Blake were over from Sydney, and Blake got lots of huge things, and had brought his Australian Idol karaoke set, and proceeded to entertain us with “Don’t want to be an American Idiot” yelled somewhat discordantly for about an hour (that’s the only line he knows, and the only song he likes on the CD). Helen and Sean gave a big fat wad of pounds, to help us out when we arrive in the UK.

I rang and spoke to Ema and Martha who both sounded happy and well. Actually that’s all I remember of that conversation – I was pretty trashed. I will have to follow up in a more sober state, at some stage. I also indulged my inner geek by getting on the computer while everyone else was in the pool, and downloading virus protection for the parents, reading blogs and emailing bloggers. Later Valdi came over and we watched Point Break, for some reason. There was no way I was driving home after all that, so we made up the bed on a mattress in the lounge and slept there. What a crappy night’s sleep I had. Heat and alcohol meant I stayed awake most of the night, finally slept between about 4am and 9am. By the time I got up, Helen and Sean had left for Busselton, so Jess and I watched the 80s/early 90s special on Video Hits, and felt nostalgia for teased fringes and bike shorts.

Later Brad and I went home then drove up to Kingsley to pick up Kathy from Denise and Gary’s, before taking the circuitous route (thanks to a few wrong turnings) to Mum and Dad’s for our family Christmas thing. I am so glad our families are so stable and organised around Christmas. Brad’s has always done Christmas Eve, and ours has always done Boxing Day. I’m so grateful that it’s so easy, when it could be such a hassle. First we did presents with Kathy. She bought Brad and I a calendar full of Australian images, to take with us and remind us of home, and also a travel book for Europe. After that, Brad sat on the couch and drank beer while Kathy and I organised stuff, mainly lighting and extension cords. Most of the family turned up, except for a few who either didn’t want a “late night”, or had to work. We finally got home, with Kathy, at about 11.30pm. As she is borrowing the car, she is sleeping on our couch tonight, and will probably stay tomorrow too, when we will be in Busselton.


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