December 31, 2004

Saturday was Christmas. I drank toooo much and had conversations by phone and email that I don’t really remember, and some that I really don’t remember. Sunday was Boxing Day. We went to Mum and Dad’s for the family get-together. Brad drank beer on the couch and I played with extension cords, then did too much work and didn’t talk much to the family.

On Monday we went to Busselton. That was it. Got there, sat around. Oh, and watched a mammoth lightning show from the beach for about two hours, that night.

Tuesday. Beach. Mild sunburn. “Holy Cow” by Sarah McDonald.

Wednesday. Hit the big smoke – Margaret River for coffee and lemon lime brulee at the near-ubiquitous Dome.

Thursday. Went home. Got into a big frustrating argument about religions with the-Brad-whose-opinion-is-thetruth. Initiated by the aforementioned Holy Cow book. Went through a speed camera doing 10 over. Crap.

Today is New Year’s Eve. We are actually going out tonight, to the Left Bank near Freo. I plan to have some drinks and some fun and not get spewed on or hit on or get too drunk.


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