January 7, 2005

Today we went out on Valdi’s dad’s boat, with Valdi and Maja. It was great because even though we went on the ocean, I didn’t spew! Now rather than saying that I always get seasick on small boats, I can say that I get seasick half the time. Anyway the aim of the trip was for V and M to go scuba diving, but in the end just Valdi went, with Brad snorkeling as his buddy – it was only a 3-6 m dive. We launched at Rockingham near Garden Island, and went past all the scary forbidden Navy waters to Carnac Island, which is crawling with snakes. I stayed on the boat, or in the water. There were sealions on the beach and one came to see what we were doing – it swam in circles around the boat and snorted at us while we whistled at it. I wanted to go swimming with it, but apparently they have teeth or something, so I was advised against it.

I am such a non-Aussie – for a start I think the ocean is no place for humans. When I have previously been in the UK, people have delighted in asking me if I surf, dive, snorkel etc. No, no, no and no. You should see the amount of equipment that’s required just for our species to spend half an hour under an extremely shallow layer of sea. It’s ridiculous. The ocean is also very salty. You can’t be one with something that tastes so toxic. I prefer sitting in the sun, with a bit of sunscreen and a book (and an icy drink, preferably beside a swimming pool).

Against my primary urges I went for a snorkel. There were some pretty fishies, but there was also some spooky grass. I didn’t like that – you never know what might be lurking in it, so I got back in the boat.

In conclusion, I am a creature of the land, and I’m not going to fight that.


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