Get some exercise!

January 15, 2005

Today I slept late, then went for lunch with Brad, my parents and my sister, all together for possibly the last time, well for a few years anyway. I ate way too much considering it was my first meal of the day, but then my sweeties stomach saw some lemon sponge puddings go by and said “hello” so I crammed in some dessert too. After grouping together ans squinting in the sun for a photo we took Kathy home and went home ourselves. 4 pm.

Having achieved little for the day, I strapped on my sneakers and went for a walk up to King’s Park. Added benefit: walk off lunch. Knowing little of the geography and interactions of the myriad pathways that park has, I went rather further than I had first planned. Almost all the way to fucking uni. Turns out only the Perth end of the park is criss-crossed with walkways. Did a bit of running in the second half of the epic journey it was turning out to be. Got home almost 2 hours after I’d left, stinky and beetroot-red. Showered, regained composure, went to shops and chilled out up and down the mixers and biscuits aisle. Nice.


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