I’m back

April 23, 2005

Ok I’m back. A bit has happened since my last post, I guess. I am now sitting on my couch, watching Family Guy on Sky tv, in the apartment we’re renting in Leicester, in the UK. Yes we moved. Halfway around the world. Okay it’s only an 8 hour time difference so I guess it’s a third of the way around the world. I haven’t had much chance to post since all my time has been spent a) at work, b) asleep, or c) with Brad, and I like to blog here uninterrupted. It’s taken about 2 months to get organised to the point where I can recline in comfort, connected to the outside world. It took a while to choose a place to live, ages to get a phone, which we needed to get Sky and internet, and even longer for our furniture to arrive from Australia.

When we arrived the weather was ridiculously cold, and it snowed a few times, most recently a few weeks ago, by which point it was already April. Since then the weather has got with the program and spring has kicked in. At The End Of April. Hurry up, seasons. Just stop when you get to summer. Looks like I already need a holiday in warmer climes. The first place we are going is to Holland for a weekend in June. Would have chosen somewhere a bit closer to the equator, but there will be relatives in Holland at that time. It’ll be great to meet up with people we already know.

We are both starting to get our social connections happening. I have found some girls at work who like to go out, or otherwise stay in for girly nights, so things are looking up. It was hard at first since everyone else already knew each other. These things take time, that’s all, and time is certainly passing.

This evening after work I skipped the Regent and went to Revolution, a vodka bar, with some girls from one of the other labs on my floor. We had fun and all said we’d do it again. We will have to get some people over for dinner soon. Next I met Brad and some work crew in the Hog’s Head. After we got kicked out at the crazy-early hour of 11.30pm we walked home past the swingers club (we live in such a nice area) and collapsed, knackered. It is late. I need sleep.