August 21, 2005

Today I was talking about my need to find a decent shoe repairer in Leicester. I was telling Brad about the old school Italian bootmaker that my mum used to take her shoes to.

Brad: so he was a real..what are they called?
Me: a cobbler
Brad: yeah, I was going to say farrier
Me: no
Brad: yeah, not a farrier, they make hats

Arrrhh! At least our train doesn't actually arrive in St Pancreas (another Bradism). I love him, I do, he just comes out with funny shit sometimes.


Well what a crappy day it is today. I thought it was supposed to be summer? What is with this stupid rain? The cuffs of my pants are all wet from walking around Leicester. And I mean all around Leicester. I went to the bank to try and negotiate a better personal loan rate than the internet gave me, but to no avail. Then (after a quick dash around Faith) I walked up to the Ford dealer up Belgrave Road to see what kind of finance deals they could do. They're supposed to be calling me.

The problem is that our credit history is all in Australia, so to the money people here, we're nobodies. Never mind the mortgage at home, we have no credit rating. Haven't finance companies heard of the internet? Duh.

I hate how there are different rules for everything. We haven't been here long enough to get credit, but we've been here long enough to have to pay tax and National Insurance, oh yes. I know that's a bit of a simplistic view, but hey it still sucks.

Oh well I'm sure we will work something out at some stage and Brad will be driving off to his new job. Worst case, I guess we'll have to hire him a car for a week to get to work.

Ok one more phone call, to the Renault lot, then I'm going to Sainsbury's.


August 13, 2005

Here's what the Tickle Inkblot test said about me:

Helen, your subconscious mind is driven most by Curiosity

You are full of questions about life, people, and your own potential. You spend more time than others imagining the possibilities for your life — and you're open to things others are too afraid to consider.

You have an almost physical need to know and do more. It's only through new experiences that you feel a greater understanding of yourself and the world. You also have a rebellious streak that shows up when you feel unable to truly influence the world or circumstances around you. Your appetite for novel experiences also shows an openness others don't have, but wish they did.

Your psyche is very rich; the more you learn about it, the more you will understand who you really are.

This seems quite true. After all, I am a scientist, all I do all day (when I'm not performing tasks any trained monkey could complete) is wonder about stuff. Then I come home and watch tv with the internet going on my lap…


August 12, 2005

It's Friday again and I have been thinking very hard for way too long today. I even left my desk and did some bench work (!). But mainly with the thinking. I have been trying to work out what experiments to do next. Unfortunately my boss is away on holidays and will be for at least another week. This means that there is no-one around to veto my dumber ideas…oh well.

Kitten War!

August 2, 2005

I just stumbled across this site. For some reason, I found it hilarious, especially looking at the poor little losingest kittens – those are some ugly cats 😦