Global economy? I think not.

August 13, 2005

Well what a crappy day it is today. I thought it was supposed to be summer? What is with this stupid rain? The cuffs of my pants are all wet from walking around Leicester. And I mean all around Leicester. I went to the bank to try and negotiate a better personal loan rate than the internet gave me, but to no avail. Then (after a quick dash around Faith) I walked up to the Ford dealer up Belgrave Road to see what kind of finance deals they could do. They're supposed to be calling me.

The problem is that our credit history is all in Australia, so to the money people here, we're nobodies. Never mind the mortgage at home, we have no credit rating. Haven't finance companies heard of the internet? Duh.

I hate how there are different rules for everything. We haven't been here long enough to get credit, but we've been here long enough to have to pay tax and National Insurance, oh yes. I know that's a bit of a simplistic view, but hey it still sucks.

Oh well I'm sure we will work something out at some stage and Brad will be driving off to his new job. Worst case, I guess we'll have to hire him a car for a week to get to work.

Ok one more phone call, to the Renault lot, then I'm going to Sainsbury's.


2 Responses to “Global economy? I think not.”

  1. Valdi Says:

    I had a similar problem, despite the fact I have had a credit card for two years the bank says I have no proven credit history. Apparently paying my credit card, in full, every month, does nothing for my credit rating.

  2. HelenRose Says:

    I know, what are you supposed to do? Apply for little loans I think. The bank was also very keen to give me a credit card. The woman couldn’t understand how I could be happy with ‘just’ my Visa debit.

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