November 25, 2005

My boyfriend has been educating me on quality movies, namely Die Hard and Lethal Weapon and how they changed the face of cinema, by creating the action genre. He says when he has kids he's going to ground them if they won't watch Die Hard with him, especially at Christmas time – it's his favourite Christmas movie.



November 25, 2005

So there has been some change with the liquor licensing laws such that the pubs no longer have to shut at 11 o'clock or whatever it was before. The conservatives were trying to block it right up to the last minute, saying that the country is going to go to rack and ruin with all the young people out boozing it up till dawn. I think the English are just being big babies. People might well go nuts for the first few months or so, but then it'll probably settle down. A naive and optimistic view I know, well guess what I'm naive and optimistic.

Countdown…2 weeks

November 21, 2005

Well now it's only 2 weeks until we go back to Australia for 6 weeks! Just had a great weekend – went to London on Saturday.

First I went and got some Harrods and Fortnum & Mason stuff for the folks back home, just some tea, biscuits etc, tried to get stuff wth relatively low net weights. I suppose gifts of that nature aren't quite as impressive as they once would have been, seeing as we now have a) high-speed international air travel and b) the internet, but hopefully the stuff will still be appreciated.

I also bought myself some stuff – some flat black knee-high boots and some black pointy flat shoes from Jones the Bootmaker. Today the pointy flats are feeling a little more snug than I would like them. Hopefully my feet are just swollen…the shoes are the same size as the boots after all, and the boots are fine.

So then, for lunch I met up with some friends who I haven't really seen since undergrad uni, but we were able to just pick up where we left off, free from pre-conceived notions and ideals, it was great. They have been in London since March, with him still writing his thesis – all he needs now is a postdoc or something.

I had a major headache on Sunday, but after some bacon & eggs I managed to drag myself down to Asda to restock the house for possibly the last time this year. It has been really really cold lately. I know it must be much colder in places even further north than here, but never before have I experienced sub zero temperatures for days in a row. There have been frosts every morning for about the past week, and heavy icy fog as well. Luckily, unlike in the case of air-conditioning in summer, the English know how to heat a building for winter.


November 15, 2005

Yeah, I've been fairly slack for a fairly long time. It's not that there wasn't anything to write about, it's just that there was always something more pressing to do at the time. As there is now…