My weekend

March 13, 2006

Well Friday does seem like a long time ago, but here we are at Monday already as if the weekend flew by.

Saturday, I did a bit of shopping at Tesco. Not that I have ever found it possible to do a "bit" of shopping at Tesco, especially since the particular one that I go to is a Tesco Extra, which means it has even more stuff. First I went round the pseudo-Ikea bit and stocked up on house stuff – pillows, picture frames, vase, etc. Then I hit the actual foody bit which, despite a minor mishap with a deceptively open container of blueberries, went reasonably swiftly.

On the way there and back there was some funny stuff falling out of the sky. Not rain, because it was frozen. Not hail, because it was soft. Not really snow, because it was drop-like, not flaky. The windscreen was getting wet but nothing else was. I guess it was snow. Sleet?

Saturday night was not very exciting because I spent it finally actually working on the first paper from my PhD work. That paper should have been published over a year ago but hasn't because it sucks. I am so over it, I can't even read it anymore, I am so bored by it. But, I want to be the first author, so I have to write the bloody thing. My supervisors/collaborators all have conflicting opinions on how it should be, and I am in the middle making decisions guaranteed not to keep everyone happy. I should just point out that I have started it. I've finished it, in my opinion, it's just that Others do not agree. Regardless, it's Nearly Done (been saying that for quite some time now), just needs a Bit More Work. Crapper.

Despite all of the work I had to do I skipped out and went to Nottingham on Sunday. Picked up a friend first, and then we made our way northwards up the M1 to watch another friend jump off a building. Not really. It was an abseil for charity occasion, with proceeds to Cancer Research UK. Someone's phone made it down the building a bit faster than she did, but apart from that it was without incident. It was not without shitty weather though – it snowed the entire time, like that stuff on Saturday but flakier, but not heavily enough to pile up much on the ground. Plenty heavy enough to freak out the abseilers though.

After our girls had made it to the ground, we jumped into the nice warm car and escaped to the warmth and nourishment provided by Starbucks, to fuel up for an afternoon of shopping. Neither of us really bought much though. We weren't really too fazed by our lack of success in the shops, we decided to treat it as a warm-up for outlet shopping in Bicester (similar pronunciation to Leicester) next Saturday. The regular shops are full of nautical-themed spring wear at the moment (despite SNOW outside!) and we figure that the outlets should contain all the winter clothes that we still need for the next few months before "summer" kicks in. Fingers crossed.

It was really lovely having some chilled out time with a girlfriend, usually we only see each other at work, where we can't talk much. Also she has quite similar opinions taste-related to mine, and is similarly picky, so it works. She is however, about a size 6, but at least we aren't fighting over who gets to buy things. Can't wait until next weekend, with more girly shopping.

I am having a sick day today because I feel sick, and couldn't sleep all night, well until about 7am anyway. I never function too well at work when I am sick – I tend to screw stuff up instead of making progress, so I am sparing everyone from my snippiness. I feel really guilty though – I feel like if I am well enough to walk to the kitchen, I should be well enough to get up and dressed and walk to work, but I guess sometimes it's ok to look after yourself instead. That's what I tell myself anyway.


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