March 29, 2006

My eye is much better now. It is hardly red at all (back to plain old yellowish from growing up in UV-land) and it doesn’t hurt either, which is nice. I have been pretty slack about putting my steroid drops in 4 times a day (I’ve been doing it once or twice) but that is because adhering to the regulations Worked(!) after the first 2 days of it. I don’t think the skenky bumps will be going away, but I can deal with them.

I also discovered a new source of podcasts the other day. It is called Learn Out Loud and among lots of other things it has panel discussions from the recent SXSW. I finally got to hear the voice of Dooce and she doesn’t sound nearly as Southern as she would let her readers believe. Except in parts. She sure is relentless though.

My latest project is learning some programming. I have decided to learn a language called Perl. Besides having a pretty name, it might even be useful one day since it is used to handle many of the databases associated with bioinformatics data such as the sequences from the Human Genome Project. Or so I am led to believe. This site makes it look do-able. After that I will learn Ruby, since it also has a pretty name and purports to be super-easy (I doubt it). Maybe I will first finish writing the journal article that I am supposed to be doing (from my PhD), maybe I won’t.


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