March 30, 2006

Over the last week or two, I indulged some feelings of Australian nostalgia and made some fairy bread and some chocolate crackles.

The fairy bread was for Louise's birthday, a surprise party with a kiddy theme. I bought a fresh unsliced loaf of bread and cut fairly chunky slices, smeared them thickly with (salted) butter and then inverted them onto a side plate full of hundreds and thousands, which are available in every supermarket, even the tiny Sainsbury's around the corner. Seems the English are well into their cake decorating. The result was pure simple carbs, with a nice balance of saturated fat, and amped me right up. I can not handle my sugar.

Last night I made chocolate crackles, for no particular occasion other than that I had finally remembered to buy icing sugar. Chocolate crackles would not be nice without icing sugar. Now, usually they need Copha, but as far as I can tell, and as I have written before, you just can't buy Copha in this country. I am going to London on Saturday though, so might check out the Australian Shop. Also, Ed says that there is some Indian product that sounds similar. However, he also thinks it's for oiling up your hair, not cooking. I made do with a block of vegetable fat called Cookeen that I found in that tiny Sainsbury's. It tasted like candles instead of coconuts, but was the right consistency and almost the right taste. Everybody at work loved the result, a lot, not knowing any better. In actual fact, they tasted funny. Each chocolate crackle contains 10 g of fat so I won't be repeating the performance too soon, but they could be a good trademark effort for birthdays etc. Yummy!


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