April 25, 2006

I go through little phases of interest, actually sometimes they are quite long. Sometimes they get me into something that’s crap, and hard to get out of, like that time I decided it would be a good idea to do a PhD… Mostly I just lose interest eventually, no harm done. Well I never lose interest, but I do lose impetus. For example, I am currently in the process of learning Dutch, French and Perl…”in the process” meaning “thinking about, not doing much of”. I remember a time when I read cookbooks, specifically Marie Claire cookbooks, every single night. These days, I have next to no kitchen, so my cooking repertoire is shrinking by the day. Compounding the lack of kitchen is a lack of appliances, due to a lack of anywhere to store them. However, my interest in cooking is back up there, due primarily to this site. I love the little summaries at the end, telling you how it tasted. Most cookbooks do not bother with that. Unfortunately, I now utterly require a food processor, a blender and a stand-up mixer. But, no bench space. We need to move.


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