June 1, 2006

Yeah well as it turns out, I was not working very hard at the gym. I finally had my induction today, and yeah, the trainer got me lifting heavier weights than I even thought I could. So now I am really quite just a little bit tired yes I am. And I have to try not to eat the entire contents of the fridge while I’m home alone left to my own devices.

No work tomorrow, I get to sleep in, yay! Heading down south to catch up with various friends. A nice 3-day weekend to go with the nice 3-day weekend just gone, separated by a 3-day work week. Perfect.


2 Responses to “Ohh….right…”

  1. shannon Says:

    You should be all proud with the weights. At the gym I like to show off how much I can leg press with my tree trunks of death. I make a big show of taking off some weight for the next person. It’s the little things in life. 😉

  2. phenotypic Says:

    Yeah I rock the leg press, too. I also like the arm curl – grrr, biceps! I also also like how they use pounds over here (all the Australian gyms use kilos) because I lift more of them. Luckily the scales in the change room are in kilos, though.

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