I am a 27 year old Australian currently living in the UK. I’m here for work, and while I long for a cruisy domestic lifestyle back in Perth, I’m liking the travel opportunities that are available to me while I’m living in Europe.

I live with my boyfriend, an engineer, in a city apartment in Leicester. It’s in a dodgy bit of town, but at least it means we can afford a flat large enough to house our enormous couch. I worked in London for a few months a few years ago and while I love to visit, I wouldn’t want to live there again. Not until I’m a really rich banker or something anyway.

I am a scientist, and therefore essentially a geek, but I’m not yet technically competent in many of the things that I’m actually interested in (web development, programming, graphic design, photography). That’s partly what this site is for – forcing me to learn more stuff.

My favourite tv genre must certainly be sci-fi, with Lost, Stargate, Star Trek etc all up there. I do like to veg out in front of the fashion channel and What Not To Wear though. I like clothes and fashion, although you wouldn’t know it to look at me – I go for basics and am obsessed with having the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Cooking is one of my other favourite pastimes. I love reading food blogs and reading cookbooks, as long as they have pictures. I’m a bit frustrated my the teeny tiny size of my kitchen at the moment though – no room for gadgets…

I’m interested in too many things, I think, and while I never really devote enough time to each one, at least I’m never ever bored.


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