March 5, 2006

One thing I really hate to see as I walk around the city, is all of those girls wearing the same thing. I'm sure they all think they are very fashionable, because they are keeping up with everyone else, but really they just all look the same. The uniform at the moment seems to be a big puffy bomber jacket, with elastic at the waist and a strip of fake fur trim around the hood. Pants are some kind of tracksuit style, again with elastic, this time at the ankle. Shoes, when something other than black or white runners, are these funny little flat black mules, very flat, no heel at all, and made of plastic not leather. Bear in mind it is literally freezing out there and these chicks are getting around in mules – feet half bare. Then there's the hair. Straight as can be, dodgy highlights, scraped back hard into a ponytail. Sometimes it's a mullet, although the mullet-wearers tend to be a bit more Topshop-fashiony. But as for the track-pants-wearers, hmm, I think I've just described what is known over here as a chav…

That's not to say that it's their specific choice of clothing that gets to me. When I was in Melbourne I noticed a similar thing, except in that case the girls all looked fabulous, darling, as well they should in the fashion capital of Australia. They may have looked fabulous, but they were still identical to one another: wide-leg black pants, pointy flats, camisoles and cardigans/jackets. Hair: fringe swept up, back-combed a bit and pinned back from the face. Looking great, but samey.

Now I am by no means exempt from criticism. However, rather than looking like everyone else, I think my problem is looking like myself too much – wearing the Same Thing, and wearing it All The Time. I am hoping to organise a clothes-swap party with the girls from work, during the next few weeks. I think this is largely self-serving. I tell myself that they would all enjoy it too, but I still think my wardrobe might be the winner in such a situation. I really hope it catches on though. The danger is that we'll all end up as a big fashion homogenate, but I think we all have enough individual style to avoid that. Can't wait to see how it works out actually.



March 4, 2006

When you've left it this long, it's hard to get started again. I have all kinds of random thoughts throughout the day, that I would love to explore in writing. Sadly, I am never at a keyboard when inspiration strikes. I'm usually walking to work or something. Maybe I need a cute little PDA or Blackberry or something. Gadgets, that's what I need more of.

My latest gadget isn't very exciting, but I am pretty happy with it. My iPod earphones were starting to crackle in one ear, driving me a bit nuts, so I replaced them, and got the remote as well. It's good, but the cable is reeeally long, just like the reviews said it would be.

My other obsession, clothes, has been taking up a fair amount of my thinking resources lately. I am not very good at the whole wardrobe thing – I need to be told what to do, so I am a big fan of blogs such as this one, that give you some structure and guidelines. I really need some non-black pants. That is what I aimed to buy when I went out shopping today, but I was not lucky. I was lucky, however, in the search for my non-black coat. Found a khaki-green, hooded, slightly shiny, 3/4-length, zip-up coat at H&M for only £35. Awesome. It's slightly big, but this means I can fit layers underneath. The search for non-black pants, however, continues.

Anyway I am working on a few lengthy posts (they're still drafts) so we'll see how I go over the next few weeks to months.

Countdown…2 weeks

November 21, 2005

Well now it's only 2 weeks until we go back to Australia for 6 weeks! Just had a great weekend – went to London on Saturday.

First I went and got some Harrods and Fortnum & Mason stuff for the folks back home, just some tea, biscuits etc, tried to get stuff wth relatively low net weights. I suppose gifts of that nature aren't quite as impressive as they once would have been, seeing as we now have a) high-speed international air travel and b) the internet, but hopefully the stuff will still be appreciated.

I also bought myself some stuff – some flat black knee-high boots and some black pointy flat shoes from Jones the Bootmaker. Today the pointy flats are feeling a little more snug than I would like them. Hopefully my feet are just swollen…the shoes are the same size as the boots after all, and the boots are fine.

So then, for lunch I met up with some friends who I haven't really seen since undergrad uni, but we were able to just pick up where we left off, free from pre-conceived notions and ideals, it was great. They have been in London since March, with him still writing his thesis – all he needs now is a postdoc or something.

I had a major headache on Sunday, but after some bacon & eggs I managed to drag myself down to Asda to restock the house for possibly the last time this year. It has been really really cold lately. I know it must be much colder in places even further north than here, but never before have I experienced sub zero temperatures for days in a row. There have been frosts every morning for about the past week, and heavy icy fog as well. Luckily, unlike in the case of air-conditioning in summer, the English know how to heat a building for winter.