I taught myself some html once upon a time. And some CSS. I was a little bit good at it, for a while. Then I lost interest for a while (or more likely, my thesis took precedence) and all that shiny new knowledge leaked out of my ear holes. Now I need to do an index page for another blog, but I have coders block. I also want a prettier template for this blog, but first I need to see if I can switch it to that server in California that I am paying for, so I can put my own template on. Although for that I will first need to learn how to design templates for WordPress. Happen sometime this might. So much to do, so little time, and just sliiiiightly less enthusiasm than I really need…



June 1, 2006

Yeah well as it turns out, I was not working very hard at the gym. I finally had my induction today, and yeah, the trainer got me lifting heavier weights than I even thought I could. So now I am really quite just a little bit tired yes I am. And I have to try not to eat the entire contents of the fridge while I’m home alone left to my own devices.

No work tomorrow, I get to sleep in, yay! Heading down south to catch up with various friends. A nice 3-day weekend to go with the nice 3-day weekend just gone, separated by a 3-day work week. Perfect.

Foody-Kitcheny Stuff

May 30, 2006

We just had a bank holiday weekend and it was very relaxing. Everyone always says it, but 3 days really is the ideal weekend length. I went to the gym, twice, did a bit of shopping, read some books, lay around a bit, formatted my computer (not without a few tears though, have to admit) and more. It was very relaxing. Despite the brief, formatting-related tears.

I have been going to the gym for a week now and it’s not boring yet. This is somewhat of a record for me. I’ve also been thinking about food, and how to eat better. I’ve kind of subscribed to so many various diet fads and eating schemes and philospohies that I feel that I really just don’t know what is an appropriate, healthy way to balance food, anymore.


May 25, 2006

Yay for me, because this evening I got off my big fat lard arse and Went To The Gym!!! I am so good. I have fully been thinking, considering, wondering, deciding etc about this move for MONTHS, since before we went home for Christmas in fact. But you know, the time just was never quite right, so the excuses were always too good. Then something clicked last week and I decided that 70 kgs was just ridiculously too much for my little stature and that something would have to change.

I checked out Fitness First for Women on Sunday, but it was smelly and yucky and had no pool. Not that I would probably swim much anyway, especially since all these places only have like 16 m pools or something, but I strongly believe that you need that chlorinated air in the gym to make it smell like a proper gym. FFfW also sucked in their patronising approach to initiating membership. Patronising, as in, do you think I’m an idiot? They charge a £125 joining fee, yes that’s right, £125. But this fee is waived if you sign up on the spot when you pop in to make your enquiry. I don’t sign things on the spot. What I wanted to say was “you have got to be fucking kidding me, what, do you think I’m an imbecile?” but what I actually said was “hmm, well that’s quite ridiculous and it’s not going to happen”. The chick offered to talk to her manager during the week to see if she could waive it, but by that stage I was like, whatever. I know from previous experience that Fitness First sucks anyway, their business plan is greedy and nasty and I have vowed twice never to go back there (you’d think once would be enough, but no).

ANYWAY Living Well on Welford Rd, which is ACTUALLY ON MY WAY HOME from work, rocks. So far, anyway. I checked it out on Monday, it was my Sales Advisor’s second day on the job, so she was pretty keen to sign me up, and gave me lovely discounts because I am special and work at the university. I didn’t even need to prove that (the university affiliation I mean, of course she could tell I am special just by looking at me). Then when I went back in to sign the papers on Tuesday, she gave me a month free. So I am impressed.

I went for the first time today, as I have mentioned. It was good, all the machines were the same ones I was used to from FF in WA. They even have the funny stretching machines, on which I am never quite sure whether my undies are poking out above my pants. I picked the machine with the pillar right behind it, just in case. So yeah I got home half an hour ago and my face is still red, which I hate, but it was really nice to feel those muscles actually doing something and getting tired, which I have hardly felt since waterskiing while we back in Perth over the southern-hemispheric summer. Yay!

Blaming physiology

May 7, 2006

This weekend I did a lot of lying around, and not much actual doing of stuff. It was kind of warm on Saturday morning, so lying around in front of the fan was just perfect. At the time, I thought it was this upturn in the weather that was causing my intense euphoria, but in hindsight I’m pretty sure it was just hormones.

Hormones. Good excuse, them. Crying? Hormones. Euphoric? Hormones. Grumpy? Hormones. Bitchy? Hormones. Bad hair/skin/clothes day? Hormones, hormones, hormones. Some women say that you should never use the Hormones excuse, as it allows men to dismiss any uppity behaviour on your part as being due to hormones, even when you have a legitimate issue, usually with the aforementioned men. I don’t care, it’s such a multi-purpose, and usually accurate explanation. I think the men are just jealous. Nevermind, they’ve got an excuse too. It’s called testicles. I think this was actually in an episode of Coupling. Annoying behaviour? Testicles. Grumpiness? Testicles. Perhaps not quite so multi-purpose, but still good.

My hormones are being very noisy lately, resulting in lots of cooing over pictures of puppies, and other such clucky behaviour. I have been ignoring them. la la la fingers in ears…

So, having calmed down from my hormonal euphoria I proceeded to lie around a bit more, read a bit of Freakonomics, and started reading the Amalah archives. Loooong. But highly entertaining and easy to identify with. What I needed to do, but haven’t done at all, is sort out my/our internet presence. I’ve got half-formed blogs everywhere, fiddy-kajillion photos to upload to Flickr and organise, and an index.html to create. Pity I can’t remember any html. So, reading the html book is on the list too.

Off to see some new Bruce Willis movie tonight with some girls from work. I know nothing about it, but rather than read any reviews I’m going to just let myself be surprised.


April 2, 2006

We went to London yesterday. Despite a massive night on Friday (lots of alcohol, very little food), we got up in time to get our 8.35am train, and made it into London a bit after ten. The plan was to head over to the Natural History Museum to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition.

First, lunch consisted of some yummy breakfast (bacon and eggs, omelette etc) in a little cafe down Exhibition Rd, sitting outside at a tiny table in the sun. Yes, sun! It was April 1st, but I am not kidding. Then we wandered up to the museum, where found a massive queue to get in. Luckily I had read somewhere that there is an alternate entrance around the corner into the Earth Galleries, so we were able to just walk straight in.

After a few hours of staring at stuff, we got a train back to Embankment, went for a coffee and then for dinner in Chinatown. Due in part to Friday’s exploits, we were pretty tired by about 9pm so we bailed. Got back to Leicester and were in the door before 11pm.

This was the first event in a few weeks of actual Getting Out Of The Flat on the weekends. I have a few days off this week as my sister will be visiting, and we’re going to Amsterdam and Paris for a week over Easter. Very exciting and I am soaking up all the info that I can about these places. I want to see lots, but I also want to chill out – I don’t want to stress about seeing everything like I did when we went to Rome.


March 30, 2006

Over the last week or two, I indulged some feelings of Australian nostalgia and made some fairy bread and some chocolate crackles.

The fairy bread was for Louise's birthday, a surprise party with a kiddy theme. I bought a fresh unsliced loaf of bread and cut fairly chunky slices, smeared them thickly with (salted) butter and then inverted them onto a side plate full of hundreds and thousands, which are available in every supermarket, even the tiny Sainsbury's around the corner. Seems the English are well into their cake decorating. The result was pure simple carbs, with a nice balance of saturated fat, and amped me right up. I can not handle my sugar.

Last night I made chocolate crackles, for no particular occasion other than that I had finally remembered to buy icing sugar. Chocolate crackles would not be nice without icing sugar. Now, usually they need Copha, but as far as I can tell, and as I have written before, you just can't buy Copha in this country. I am going to London on Saturday though, so might check out the Australian Shop. Also, Ed says that there is some Indian product that sounds similar. However, he also thinks it's for oiling up your hair, not cooking. I made do with a block of vegetable fat called Cookeen that I found in that tiny Sainsbury's. It tasted like candles instead of coconuts, but was the right consistency and almost the right taste. Everybody at work loved the result, a lot, not knowing any better. In actual fact, they tasted funny. Each chocolate crackle contains 10 g of fat so I won't be repeating the performance too soon, but they could be a good trademark effort for birthdays etc. Yummy!