March 4, 2006

When you've left it this long, it's hard to get started again. I have all kinds of random thoughts throughout the day, that I would love to explore in writing. Sadly, I am never at a keyboard when inspiration strikes. I'm usually walking to work or something. Maybe I need a cute little PDA or Blackberry or something. Gadgets, that's what I need more of.

My latest gadget isn't very exciting, but I am pretty happy with it. My iPod earphones were starting to crackle in one ear, driving me a bit nuts, so I replaced them, and got the remote as well. It's good, but the cable is reeeally long, just like the reviews said it would be.

My other obsession, clothes, has been taking up a fair amount of my thinking resources lately. I am not very good at the whole wardrobe thing – I need to be told what to do, so I am a big fan of blogs such as this one, that give you some structure and guidelines. I really need some non-black pants. That is what I aimed to buy when I went out shopping today, but I was not lucky. I was lucky, however, in the search for my non-black coat. Found a khaki-green, hooded, slightly shiny, 3/4-length, zip-up coat at H&M for only £35. Awesome. It's slightly big, but this means I can fit layers underneath. The search for non-black pants, however, continues.

Anyway I am working on a few lengthy posts (they're still drafts) so we'll see how I go over the next few weeks to months.