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June 17, 2006

This is about as precise as it gets, at describing my habits – Must. Consume. More. Information.

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Doing nothing can be ok, I guess, but not usually…



May 25, 2006

I didn’t get my ears pierced until I turned 12. It was a long-awaited birthday present. The more I look back, the more I think Mum was not just paranoid, but prudish too. I think she’s changed or something. Anyway, on the long-awaited day, she took me to the local pharmacy where the girls rallied around with the scary gun thing, which in hindsight looked like one of those pneumatic injecty things in Star Trek or Lost. Not that they were actually letting me look at it. One girl drew her little target dots in texta on my lobes, then bang and bang and they were done and my ears felt really really hot and red.

Oh hang on I’m getting ahead of myself – I’ve skipped the trauma of the choosing of the studs. I wanted those ones with the fake birthstone in the middle, with a gold-coloured surround (I didn’t want my actual birthstone though, June is icky) no, I wanted green or blue or something, I don’t remember if I’d even decided. But Mum had decreed that an actual stone would be inappropriate for my tender age, so teeny tiny solid gold-coloured stars it was. They were so small, they were barely of a larger diameter than the post of the earring.

So the long-awaited punching bit was over. Next came the long wait to be able to take them out, so that I could put others in! I really wanted to wear sleepers, because they were cool, they showed that you’d had your ears pierced more than six weeks ago. Every day I carefully applied the magic healing solution (I think it was methylated spirits), and waited. The period of waiting coincided with a Pony Club camp. I remember some girl, identity long forgotten, asking me if I was applying the metho because the holes were infected. I was all like “No, this is what you’re supposed to do?!” Because I was all knowledgeable and shit.

Finally the long, six-week wait was over and I could take my earrings out, and hook in some dangly earrings (Mum had previously forbidden “dangly” earrings) but I had had a taste of glamour by this stage, and there was no stopping me. A year or two later, while in the city with my best friend, I got a second whole punched. Just in my left ear to begin with, to see what Mum would do. Her complaints weren’t too bad, so I evened it up with the right ear a few weeks later.

The novelty has totally worn off now, just short of sixteen years later (16! Am old!). Ear piercings aren’t scary or cool anymore. I don’t always wear earrings, because I don’t see the point, half the time. The other half, I do bother though. Now I just think some piercings are gross. My boyfriend’s sister got her lip pierced with a big ring a while back. Her mother freaked. And fair enough, it was pretty dumb, she’s got like a proper job and stuff, with customers, and it stopped her talking properly, and she’d done it while trashed. She quietly took it out and I think it’s all better now. Anyway there’s my reminiscence for the night. It’s my 28th birthday soon. Maybe to celebrate 16 years of ear-piercedy goodness I’ll buy some earrings worth bothering to wear to work?

Check this out.

I am watching some old episode of Extreme Makeover:Home Edition and they just got the fire department out to fill the pool – they didn't want it to take 15 hours, and yeah it took like 24 minutes or something. Madness.


March 14, 2006

Slideshow of photos taken in Paris in April 2005. We'll be in Paris in April 2006! I like this set, it makes Paris look more like a normal (big, European) city and less like, I don't know, a movie set.

pi day

March 14, 2006

It's pi day, but in my opinion, only in the US, where they go

Maybe we can have our own pi day on the 22nd of July…you know, 22/7?


November 25, 2005

My boyfriend has been educating me on quality movies, namely Die Hard and Lethal Weapon and how they changed the face of cinema, by creating the action genre. He says when he has kids he's going to ground them if they won't watch Die Hard with him, especially at Christmas time – it's his favourite Christmas movie.