Foody-Kitcheny Stuff

May 30, 2006

We just had a bank holiday weekend and it was very relaxing. Everyone always says it, but 3 days really is the ideal weekend length. I went to the gym, twice, did a bit of shopping, read some books, lay around a bit, formatted my computer (not without a few tears though, have to admit) and more. It was very relaxing. Despite the brief, formatting-related tears.

I have been going to the gym for a week now and it’s not boring yet. This is somewhat of a record for me. I’ve also been thinking about food, and how to eat better. I’ve kind of subscribed to so many various diet fads and eating schemes and philospohies that I feel that I really just don’t know what is an appropriate, healthy way to balance food, anymore.


Countdown…2 weeks

November 21, 2005

Well now it's only 2 weeks until we go back to Australia for 6 weeks! Just had a great weekend – went to London on Saturday.

First I went and got some Harrods and Fortnum & Mason stuff for the folks back home, just some tea, biscuits etc, tried to get stuff wth relatively low net weights. I suppose gifts of that nature aren't quite as impressive as they once would have been, seeing as we now have a) high-speed international air travel and b) the internet, but hopefully the stuff will still be appreciated.

I also bought myself some stuff – some flat black knee-high boots and some black pointy flat shoes from Jones the Bootmaker. Today the pointy flats are feeling a little more snug than I would like them. Hopefully my feet are just swollen…the shoes are the same size as the boots after all, and the boots are fine.

So then, for lunch I met up with some friends who I haven't really seen since undergrad uni, but we were able to just pick up where we left off, free from pre-conceived notions and ideals, it was great. They have been in London since March, with him still writing his thesis – all he needs now is a postdoc or something.

I had a major headache on Sunday, but after some bacon & eggs I managed to drag myself down to Asda to restock the house for possibly the last time this year. It has been really really cold lately. I know it must be much colder in places even further north than here, but never before have I experienced sub zero temperatures for days in a row. There have been frosts every morning for about the past week, and heavy icy fog as well. Luckily, unlike in the case of air-conditioning in summer, the English know how to heat a building for winter.