Back again

July 25, 2005

I have been fairly busy again. Back in the olden days, when I was writing my PhD thesis, I really was a procrastinator. I sat on my butt for hours at a stretch, browsing the net and writing about a sentence an hour. These days I have actual work to do, what with my actual job that brings in an actual salary (in an actual currency). However, today is Monday, which has brought on a procrastinaty relapse. Also, my boss has gone on holiday for FOUR weeks (!) so I am feeling a little, well, irresponsible? Also I am wearing heels today, for a change, so getting up and going up/down stairs is not priority one.


I’m back

April 23, 2005

Ok I’m back. A bit has happened since my last post, I guess. I am now sitting on my couch, watching Family Guy on Sky tv, in the apartment we’re renting in Leicester, in the UK. Yes we moved. Halfway around the world. Okay it’s only an 8 hour time difference so I guess it’s a third of the way around the world. I haven’t had much chance to post since all my time has been spent a) at work, b) asleep, or c) with Brad, and I like to blog here uninterrupted. It’s taken about 2 months to get organised to the point where I can recline in comfort, connected to the outside world. It took a while to choose a place to live, ages to get a phone, which we needed to get Sky and internet, and even longer for our furniture to arrive from Australia.

When we arrived the weather was ridiculously cold, and it snowed a few times, most recently a few weeks ago, by which point it was already April. Since then the weather has got with the program and spring has kicked in. At The End Of April. Hurry up, seasons. Just stop when you get to summer. Looks like I already need a holiday in warmer climes. The first place we are going is to Holland for a weekend in June. Would have chosen somewhere a bit closer to the equator, but there will be relatives in Holland at that time. It’ll be great to meet up with people we already know.

We are both starting to get our social connections happening. I have found some girls at work who like to go out, or otherwise stay in for girly nights, so things are looking up. It was hard at first since everyone else already knew each other. These things take time, that’s all, and time is certainly passing.

This evening after work I skipped the Regent and went to Revolution, a vodka bar, with some girls from one of the other labs on my floor. We had fun and all said we’d do it again. We will have to get some people over for dinner soon. Next I met Brad and some work crew in the Hog’s Head. After we got kicked out at the crazy-early hour of 11.30pm we walked home past the swingers club (we live in such a nice area) and collapsed, knackered. It is late. I need sleep.


January 19, 2005

Here I am in Perth, where it is incredibly smoky today. We have had days and days of smoke because there are bushfires in the hills. I will add some trippy smoke cloud photos to this post when I find them.

Get some exercise!

January 15, 2005

Today I slept late, then went for lunch with Brad, my parents and my sister, all together for possibly the last time, well for a few years anyway. I ate way too much considering it was my first meal of the day, but then my sweeties stomach saw some lemon sponge puddings go by and said “hello” so I crammed in some dessert too. After grouping together ans squinting in the sun for a photo we took Kathy home and went home ourselves. 4 pm.

Having achieved little for the day, I strapped on my sneakers and went for a walk up to King’s Park. Added benefit: walk off lunch. Knowing little of the geography and interactions of the myriad pathways that park has, I went rather further than I had first planned. Almost all the way to fucking uni. Turns out only the Perth end of the park is criss-crossed with walkways. Did a bit of running in the second half of the epic journey it was turning out to be. Got home almost 2 hours after I’d left, stinky and beetroot-red. Showered, regained composure, went to shops and chilled out up and down the mixers and biscuits aisle. Nice.


January 14, 2005

Finished my thesis again today. Printed it out, while grumpy Al humphed and foot-tapped and GLARED, delivered it to the desk of the primary supervisor, who will hopefully read it some time this decade, and skipped off home to drink champagne. Again. I plan to finish it for the 3rd (but not final) time by Friday.

Finished – sort of

January 10, 2005

Thesis is finished. Emailed it to Sarah, printed it and left it with Giles, who responded with an email asking me to print out the website so he could have a look at it. Hmm. Having a meeting with the real website people next week, the ones who know their css but don’t know us. That’s fine, it just means we need to provide them with some content, so have something to style. Why we need a meeting I don’t know.


January 7, 2005

Today we went out on Valdi’s dad’s boat, with Valdi and Maja. It was great because even though we went on the ocean, I didn’t spew! Now rather than saying that I always get seasick on small boats, I can say that I get seasick half the time. Anyway the aim of the trip was for V and M to go scuba diving, but in the end just Valdi went, with Brad snorkeling as his buddy – it was only a 3-6 m dive. We launched at Rockingham near Garden Island, and went past all the scary forbidden Navy waters to Carnac Island, which is crawling with snakes. I stayed on the boat, or in the water. There were sealions on the beach and one came to see what we were doing – it swam in circles around the boat and snorted at us while we whistled at it. I wanted to go swimming with it, but apparently they have teeth or something, so I was advised against it.

I am such a non-Aussie – for a start I think the ocean is no place for humans. When I have previously been in the UK, people have delighted in asking me if I surf, dive, snorkel etc. No, no, no and no. You should see the amount of equipment that’s required just for our species to spend half an hour under an extremely shallow layer of sea. It’s ridiculous. The ocean is also very salty. You can’t be one with something that tastes so toxic. I prefer sitting in the sun, with a bit of sunscreen and a book (and an icy drink, preferably beside a swimming pool).

Against my primary urges I went for a snorkel. There were some pretty fishies, but there was also some spooky grass. I didn’t like that – you never know what might be lurking in it, so I got back in the boat.

In conclusion, I am a creature of the land, and I’m not going to fight that.