There are no trains in Iceland. No, no trains, despite what the search results may lead you to believe. You can’t go on a train if you go to Iceland. People who have never left Iceland have never been on a train. You can take a ferry to get there though, not that you’d want to, surely.


Excel Rocks

April 24, 2006

Today I learnt how to make nice databases using Excel. Who knew that Excel was so awesome? Not me! Well, I had some idea, I had a hunch that it's capabilities were infinite (almost) but I didn't realise how easy it all was. I have spent approximately 20+ hours screwing around with various proprietary mousey database systems, and then today I sorted the whole thing out, with maximum functionality, in about 4 hours. Done. Yay.

Lines in Photoshop

March 15, 2006

I just worked out how to draw straight lines in Photoshop. It is not even slightly difficult. I just hadn't really needed to do it before. Except one time, where I couldn't work it out, and must have been drunk or asleep or something. Because honestly, there's a line tool and everything. It's just hidden behind the rectangle tool.


March 14, 2006

I feel like I haven't learnt anything for days. I've done stuff, it's just all been pretty routine. Hmm, on Saturday I learnt that you need to be careful with unsealed punnets of blueberries inthe supermarket, that could be valuable I suppose, but it's just common sense really. However, like I always say, common sense doesn't work without at least a little bit of knowledge, so there you go.


March 10, 2006

So, as it turns out, glutaraldehyde autofluoresces. Something I had forgotten. I hate learning things the hard way.

Australian Delicacies

March 9, 2006

Well, a few weeks ago, I learnt that chocolate crackles are not widely known outside of Australia. Apparently, you can't even buy their main ingredient "Copha" over here, except perhaps in the Australian Shop in Covent Garden, in London.

Today I found out that they don't have fairy bread either! Why not? Maybe you can't get hundreds and thousands?! I will have to investigate further…

It’s spelt

March 6, 2006

Spontaneity, not sponteneity.